On my truck is a vinyl sticker that says TRUMP FOREVER. And I mean it!!  I'm a dyed in the wool Trumpster and will never change!

There are a lot of people in our area who know the truth.  That Donald J Trump is the ONLY man out there who can save this country.  Not because he is some kind of deity; not because he has some kind of superhuman powers.  It is because he is one of us.  Even though he has made a fortune, he has lived in the real world, and not the Washington swamp.

He has dealt with political powerhouses; and knows where many of the bodies are buried.  He has done deals with most of the leaders around the world, as one of the biggest businessmen on the planet.  He carries an insight and patriotic spirit next to none.  If he is not our next President, then we are toast!!

The Hobart Republican Party has had a rough few years since Biden snatched the election.  Trump had to deal with inside traitors, and so have we.  There have been people who have gone around town talking trash about our party.  An old song by the Undisputed Truth says "Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within".  Well, the Hobart Republican Party (HRP) has decided we can die or endure?  We chose endure.  We are doing a total restructuring and are looking for people who think like Trump.  Who have a civic spirit like Trump; and who want to make sure he is our 47th President.

Are you one of those people with the Trump Spirit?  Do you want to help the man who will undoubtedly go down as one of our top three presidents?  I'm talking Washington, Lincoln, Trump.

If so then HRP needs you!!

Whatever level you want, we have a place for you.  HRP was enormously successful before, and like the proverbial Phoenix from the ashes, we will be again.  Come join us and make the stories that you'll tell in the future about being part of the biggest political movement this country has ever seen!


Our mission is to educate, influence, and change the pace of politics in our city with the support of people like you.

Together we shall put an end to the passionless bureaucracy we have grown accustomed to in Hobart.

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