Meet your Hobart Republican Candidates

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Open Call for Canvassers

We are looking for voluneteers to walk routes

We are looking for volunteers to walk routes and make contacts from our list to talk to Republicans and give them our information on our candidates and ask them to vote.

Please contact Stephen Aichner to volunteer

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Monthly Meeting

    October 3, 2023  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Brickies Gyros, 524 E 3rd St, Hobart, IN 46342, USA

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  • Monthly Meeting

    November 7, 2023  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Brickies Gyros, 524 E 3rd St, Hobart, IN 46342, USA

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Open-Call for Poll Watchers

Meet Our Officers

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Photo of Jim Granzow Jim Granzow Chairman / HO 07 PC
Photo of Beckie Castaldo Beckie Castaldo Vice Chairman / 1HOT 5 PC
Augie Castaldo Treasurer / HOT 8 – PC
Photo of Beth A Morales Beth A Morales Secretary / HO 23 PC
Photo of Ronald F Garrison Ronald F Garrison Public Relations Director / HO 21 PC

Ronald Floyd Garrison
Founder – CEO
Bad Dog Web Hosting & Design
Bad Dog IT Consulting, LLC
819 Van Buren Ave
New Chicago, Indiana 46342-1155
Tel: (219) 616-4512

The Early Years

Ronald Floyd Garrison was born in August 22, 1968 is the city of Gary, Indiana to Darlene Alice Garrison and Arthur F Garrison. Ron has one Brother, Scott A. Garrison. He lived in Aetna are of Gary, Indiana till the age of three, at that time they moved to the Glen Park area of Gary, Indiana. At the age of thirteen the family moved to Portage, Indiana for a year then moved to Hobart Indiana while they built their home in New Chicago, Indiana.…

Photo of Stephen Aichner Stephen Aichner Assistant Public Relations Director / HO 12 PC
Tammy Brown Poll Worker Administrator / HO 06 PC

Get Involved

The Hobart Republican Party holds meetings monthly at the Hobart Community Center. We encourage and appreciate anyone who is looking to make their voice heard to please attend a meeting.

If you are looking to run for office, become part of policy change, or voice your opinion come out and see us. We are looking to fill precinct captain positions throughout Hobart. If you are interested please contact us today.


Our mission is to educate, influence, and change the pace of politics in our city with the support of people like you.

Together we shall put an end to the passionless bureaucracy we have grown accustomed to in Hobart.

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