As I have written in a previous letter the Hobart Party is going through a serious restructuring. We were plagued with some people bringing in a mind set that at best was middle road republican, and in some cases down right unhealthy to the true values that are expected from a republican organization. Well that is NO MORE ! The party in the last year or two has lost some members due to health concerns and infringement on some peoples ability to perform their party responsibility's while taking care of their employment obligations.

Others have been shown the door because they tried to infiltrate our organization with ideas that are not in line with true conservative values. And a few were just plain enemy's to our cause and want to bring our party down to insure that the Democrat influence that has permeated this city in the past continues to poison it in the future. Some people have and continue to portray themselves as Republicans while actually coordinating efforts with the Democrat party to disrupt our meetings, stop efforts to get hard right candidates elected, and be moles to the Dems to backstab us and feed lies to the public.

We had people going around this last election portraying themselves as leaders and future executive leaders of the party, saying things to Hobart citizens that were totally not true, and working at bringing down the current leadership. We also had some telling flat out lies to members of our staff and past staff in hopes of bringing about a mutiny and elevating themselves into positions of leadership. These types of actions could not be allowed, and if they were, would crush the party that I and my staff have been working to build for so long.

This brings me to the point of my request to all of you true, loyal, patriotic conservatives. Our local party is burdened with some of the same problems seen by President Trump and the national party. The monsters are at our door and we need 'real conservatives. Not just for our local survival, but to get Donald J Trump back in office. We have RINO's city, county,and nationally that don't want the country going hard right or even center right. Liberal and luke warm leadership is death to the United States of America.

The Hobart party has new leadership at the top. I've had some good staff in the past, and I've also had some that has turned on us. I have a new Vice Chairman. The last one had to leave for health reasons and I miss her outstanding effort and love for the party and country. I wish the best for her. But now I have Jennifer Williams as 2nd in command.

She is unchallenged in her love for the country and the party. She's a "no holds barred" conservative who will kick ass and take names. Our views on where the party needs to go couldn't be more in line. She's exactly what the party needs in this time of conflict.

As for my views,.. I'm a true Trumper ! I believe hes was one of the top 3 presidents at the end of his 1st term and think he may be our greatest at the end of his 2nd. I feel we are standing at the battles edge, and if we don't turn the country back to a God loving, law and order, conservatively responsible leader,.. not just our country but the world will never recover and all will be lost to the dark side. No other country, with the possible exception of Israel, has ever experienced the love and embrace of God. He has not brought us this far just to abandon us. It's time we do what our founders put on us to do, defend freedom, instill justice, and protect liberty with every last beat of our hearts.

WE NEED YOU, PLEASE.. Come to our aid and join our party to help save Hobart, our country, the friends and family we love. We have all types of positions open for however much you want to be involved. If you ever wanted to stand and be counted , this is it. No effort is too small. We have top leadership spots all the way to being a representative for your block. If that's too much, we need your voice and opinion's to guide Jenn and myself to serve you to the best of our ability. WE are COMMITTING ourselves to YOU for the next 4 years, to get our country and the Hobart party back, and get Donald J Trump back in office.

I'll close with this.. My we refresh this country with the blessings that God originally bestowed on us, and may we for the sake of those who come after us set a course for them to reach that shining city on a hill that the great Ronald Reagan told us about.

Thank You


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