How Long?

I was watching the side show of a liberal media today to see what our fossil commander and chief did to embarrass us today. There he was, in all his glory, gas lighting us saying how his administration has created the best economy since the gold rush. Bad mouthing a real president, Donald Trump, talking like Trump was a spawn from hell. All the while, reading every word off a teleprompter. After a short time, he started his usual downward spiral where he starts slurring his words and having a hard time following the bouncing ball his handlers put on the prompter to help him from getting lost. He then begins to sway side to side because the arthritis in his back has eaten away whatever spine he ever used to have, which was never much to begin with.

All one must do is compare this joke of a presidential address with that of Trump. Trump, even on his worst day, could stand there and talk for an hour and a half without so much as a post-it note. Trumps people used to get pissed at him because he would totally blow off the teleprompter and go off in some direction that struck his fancy. And after that he would answer questions from the crowd until literally every single person, friend or foe, had asked every question they ever had. You could see that Trump would be enjoying it more than anyone in the room.

Joe Biden puts in a 5-hour workday. He doesn't even start until 10:00am and finishes at 3. And that includes lunch. This is absolutely true and can be checked out because the White House publishes his daily agenda. He usually only schedules 2 meetings a day, and some days, frequently in fact, they say he has nothing on his agenda for the day.

And let's not even get into what Vice Prez Harris is doing!? Her agenda can be listed as fluid. Even when she is doing something, nobody can figure out what it is or what the hell she's saying?

Trump on the other hand gets up at 4am. He starts the day by making coffee for his Secret Service team. He said he does this because some days he's the first one there. Then he checks stock market numbers from the previous day. After that he's on the phone with other world leaders and members of congress. They say his day is filled with back-to-back meetings and public events. His day doesn't end until approximately 8 or 9pm. The Secret Service team? Well, they say they were overworked and had to put on additional people to keep up with him. People say it's normal to get phone calls from Trump all hours of the night and day. He reportedly only sleeps 4 hours a day.

The point I'm getting to, Joe Biden is a bumbling fumbling, cognitive mess, who has such a problem with the truth, that honesty and integrity are foreign words to him. His health, both mentally and physically, are declining by the day! People naturally have problems as they age, but Biden is going down like a plane on fire. He looks years older every time you see him. He can't use stairs, forgets where he is and not just what day it is but what year it is!? He has referred to his sister as his wife. Can't remember what years he was Vice President.

Say's he has meetings and talk's with people who have been dead for 10 years. He walks like he has a board up his ass and cant walk or, god forbid, ride a bike.

When the camera is in his face and you see in his eyes, he's just not there. Putting him out there every day to perform even the most rudimentary task's has risen to the level of abuse. And it put's us all in danger. Foreign leaders see him and recognize him as a person they can take full advantage of. One wrong move or statement can put millions of lives in jeopardy. And it's not going to get any better.

So my question is "How long are we going to allow this to go on?"

He has got to go. The thing that makes this even scarier is that if he's removed, we get Harris who's just as dangerous but for different reasons. When Richard Nixon was being forced to resign, Spiro Agnew was next in line. Some people dug up some dirt on Agnew and said "Hey, you got some pretty rotten stinking skeletons in your closet? If you don't exit stage left we're expose them to the world". The result was we wound up with Gerald Ford. People can tell Harris "Listen we all know your too much of a bimbo to handle the job, so why go out there and embarrass yourself? Blame everything on Joe and go home".

That would put speaker of the house in to finish the term, or at least get someone else less dangerous than Joe or Kammy? I'm confident Trump is going to take it in a landslide, but until then we are surfing on quicksand. Biden has already done damage that we are going to have to deal with for decades.

Obama (another disaster) said elections have consequences. Truer words were never spoken. We need to stop taking chances with Democrats that give us empty promises backed by demagoguery and get back to some conservative leadership.

I pray to God that happens, but there are fools around every corner, and I've been disappointed before. Talk every chance you get with people and let's get Trump in. We know what we'll get with him. He saved us before after Obama, let's let him work his magic and do it again.

God bless all and God bless America.

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