How Bad can it get for Democrats?

How Bad can it get for Democrats?

As a Republican and Chairman of my Party, I love a Good Political Fight.  However; the implosion of the democrats over the last decade (especially the last three years) has become a sad ending to a once Strong Political Force.

A Political Fight with the Dems has become like a boxer getting into the ring and having the opponent start punching themselves in the face until they knock themselves out.

The Dems act like they are deliberately trying to sink themselves.

I watched both Dem Debates and was in shock and disbelief not only did each one pander to a part of the population that even Crazy Bernie would call extreme, they acted like they couldn’t wait to do it!

Even that didn’t seem left enough so they made promises that they would do on day one, knowing they were totally impossible and even a political novice could fact check.


She used to be a powerful force to be reckoned with.  Even though, I never liked her, she used to rule her party with an iron hand and could fight like a lioness.  Now shes getting politically bitch slapped by four upstart freshmen.  When she’s questioned she stammers and stumbles thru some obscure response while waving her bony hand around.  What happened to that leader that no one dared to cross the one who would crush her foes and spit on their carcass.

The entire party is like a nuke reactor in full meltdown and headed for catastrophe that will take them decades to come back from.

It’s almost Karma for a party that has lied and used the dark tactics over the years.  All and all it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

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God Bless America!

Jim Granzow
Hobart Republican Party Chairman