Importance of Poll Workers

Recent events have made us more aware of the importance of POLL WORKERS!  There are 29 precincts in Hobart, and each one requires a Republican Judge and a Republican Clerk to administer the election.  There should also be a Republican POLL WATCHER on hand.

The Lake County Election Board provides training for these positions, and recently it has been handled successfully via YouTube.  Sessions last about an hour.

These jobs are not taxing, yet we always have a difficult time getting Republicans to sign up for them.  It is really the job of the REPUBLICAN COMMITTEEMEN and WOMEN to recruit for these positions, but only a handful of precincts currently have a Committee Person.  A staunch Republican by the name of Evelyn Lahaie has single handedly performed this duty for us in the past.  For one person, it is a daunting job!

Poll Positions

A little more about the positions we need filled for each election:


This person ensures that the voter has been verified by checking the slip they receive from the Clerk.  The Judge walks the voter over to one of the machines and checks to be sure that the voter has officially sent his/her vote.  Once the polling place has closed, the Judge helps with breakdown of the equipment and supplies and receives a copy of the tabulation of election returns.  He/she then leaves at the same time as the Inspector to go to the Court House in Crown Point.  The Judge meets the Inspector there and together they line up to record the necessary paperwork.  This position pays $200.  The day starts at 5:30 a.m. and ends sometime after the polls close.


No more scrolling through huge books of names and addresses...the Clerk simply inserts the voter’s picture ID in a card reader and confirms that the information matches, then prints out a receipt for the voter to give to the Judge.  This position pays $175.  The day starts at 5:30 a.m. and ends sometime after the polls close.


The poll watcher receives credentials from the chairperson of the Republican party.  At no time does he/she ever interact with the voters, but if there are concerns about a voter casting a ballot, the Poll Watcher can bring it to the attention of the Inspector; likewise, if the Poll Watcher sees voter intimidation. He/she can enter and leave the polling place at any time throughout the day.  This position is voluntary, but the Hobart Republican Party is committed to providing monetary compensation for future elections.  The day starts at 5:30 a.m. and ends sometime after the polls close.

It’s never too soon to organize!  We require your participation to grow strong!  If you can help by being a Committeeman or Woman, please contact one of the officers of the Hobart Republican Party.  Their emails are listed on the website.

Let us give it our all, as President Trump has done for us!!!

Former Secretary

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