Joe Biden - Scarier than Halloween?

Jim Granzowby: Jim Granzow

Here we are, the time of year when goblins, ghosts, and hounds from hell are supposed to frighten the bejeebies out of us.  Sadly, these pale in comparison to the real monsters that are on our doorsteps.  I'm talking about the state of affairs our country is in right now because of the bumbling, fumbling, leadership that is leading us into the worst time since World War 2.

How have we gotten into this nightmare?  We have a war on Two Fronts going on, our border, which has now been overshadowed; is still wide open and thousands of who knows who's are still pouring across.  We don't know who they are, but you can bet some of them want to turn us into smoke.  We can be sure that the Tens-of-thousands of "got-a-ways" are more frightening than the exorcist.

We have an economy that's being gobbled up by inflation like Opra on a cheeseburger.  It’s made the dream of buying a house just that, a dream.   Not only putting a house out of reach; but making young people thinking about not even having a family.  It’s affecting gas prices on the rise, which we haven't seen the worst of yet, because not only inflation but the Strategic Oil Supply is down to levels that if we had to use it would run out in only seventeen days.  And when you go to buy something now, it's not only a matter of can you afford it, but if it's even available!

We have so many homeless people in major cities that you can’t get down the streets unless you walk around their tents and makeshift shacks and dodge the steaming piles of shit and trash.  Now they're even taking up residence in airports, and even in some police stations.  This in America!?? Our Veterans and other people we should be taking care of have to give up their spots so we can house people who are here illegally.  We even foot the bill to put these freeloaders up in Five Star hotels.  This is beyond crazy.

Our school system has completely absconded with our children.  Some of these fools have literally said we have no right to say what they do with our kids because they know better.  They tell our kids not to go home and tell the parents what is going on because the parents are a bunch of homophobes and racists.  They don't even think you need to know if your kid is going thru a sex change procedure.  Again, this in America!?

We have people in the streets right now who are protesting America and Israel, who happens to be the best friend we have ever had, saying that the poor terrorists should be left alone.  Iran and Hamas actually have a national "death to America" holiday.  They call us the great Satan and say as soon as they get the bomb, they're going to use it!! And we have these brain-dead liberals going around saying we should help them.  Hell, maybe we should make it easy for them and just drink the damn Kool-Aid?

So, if this hasn't scared the daylights out of you, it should!  It is time the normal, true patriotic, freedom loving people in this country stand up and expose these hate filled, anti-American, idiots for what they are and what they want to do to us.  We've got one shot left, and I mean ONE, come November.  When the hate mongers start ramping up, their vile, poisonous, hatefulness on true red-blooded Americans, stand up proud and loud and elect Donald J Trump to pull us out of this mess.  He did it once, he can do it again.  Like I said, we have one chance left, let's not blow it.  Vote like your life depends on it because it does.

God bless America and God bless our one true friend Israel.

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