Photo of Stephen Aichner Stephen Aichner HO 12 PC
Zeta Allen HO 10 PC
Robert Allen HO 10 VPC
Tammy Brown HO 06 PC
Photo of Beckie Castaldo Beckie Castaldo HOT 5 PC / Treasurer
Augie Castaldo HOT 8 – PC
Jennifer Drangmeister HO 27 PC

I was born in 1975 and raised in a conservative tight-knit household in Illinois.  In October of 2005, I moved to Indiana with my family and settled in Hobart.  I went through a divorce and was remarried in 2011.  I work from home in order to stay close to our three children and enjoy my time homeschooling our youngest.  I have been happily married to my husband for ten years, and our children range in age from 18 to 10.

I have always supported the Republican Party, though haven’t really had the time freedom until last year to participate in it like I wanted to. …

Michelle Egener HO 16 PC
Photo of Ronald F Garrison Ronald F Garrison HO 21 PC / Public Relations Chairman

Ronald Floyd Garrison
Founder – CEO
Bad Dog Web Hosting & Design
Bad Dog IT Consulting, LLC
819 Van Buren Ave
New Chicago, Indiana 46342-1155
Tel: (219) 616-4512

The Early Years

Ronald Floyd Garrison was born in August 22, 1968 is the city of Gary, Indiana to Darlene Alice Garrison and Arthur F Garrison. Ron has one Brother, Scott A. Garrison. He lived in Aetna are of Gary, Indiana till the age of three, at that time they moved to the Glen Park area of Gary, Indiana. At the age of thirteen the family moved to Portage, Indiana for a year then moved to Hobart Indiana while they built their home in New Chicago, Indiana.…

Photo of Jim Granzow Jim Granzow HO 07 PC / Chairman
Photo of Jim Lahaie Jim Lahaie HO 03 PC / Board Advisor

Jim Lahaie is a Representative Intern for the Buckley for Superior Court 4 campaign, a student at the Hobart University of Ivy Tech, a former member of the United States Air Force Auxiliary, and Precinct 3 Committeeman to the City of Hobart serving a four-year term.

He is a Conservative Nationalist and right-wing populist who is serving in the capacity of Board Advisor to the HRPC and also writes on his conservative Facebook platform, named ‘Political Talk with Jim Lahaie’. Jim was appointed to his presently held position after expressing interest in becoming involved with the party in July of 2020.

Amalia Marquez HO 29 PC
Paul Martin HO 19 PC
Photo of Beth A Morales Beth A Morales HO 23 PC / Secretary
Brian Snedecor HO 04 PC
Janet Snedecor HO 04 VPC
Photo of Mike Stulac Mike Stulac HO 11 PC / Vice Chairman