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Jennifer Drangmeister

HO 27 PC


I was born in 1975 and raised in a conservative tight-knit household in Illinois.  In October of 2005, I moved to Indiana with my family and settled in Hobart.  I went through a divorce and was remarried in 2011.  I work from home in order to stay close to our three children and enjoy my time homeschooling our youngest.  I have been happily married to my husband for ten years, and our children range in age from 18 to 10.

I have always supported the Republican Party, though haven’t really had the time freedom until last year to participate in it like I wanted to.  My decision to join as a precinct committeeman in January was driven by my need to be more involved in the community and politics.  I fully support the Republican party, and I believe in tradition, and the vision our forefathers had for this great country.  I see myself as a constitutionalist, focusing my studies this past year on learning more about our great nation’s foundation.