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Home 135 S Ash St Hobart Indiana 46342 United States Birthday: August 19, 1961


I grew up in DuPage County, ILLINOIS and lived there up until 2000. Moved to Phoenix, AZ for 5 years only to come back to the Midwest and settled in Lake County, Indiana in August of 2005. I have been a resident of Hobart, Indiana since July of 2019. I have always wanted to get involved in my community at a local level to make a difference of what matters to many people. I have now jumped in feet first. I have worked in the corporate sector for the past 35 years. I love history and research on the internet a wide variety of topics. I love to read and learn new things, I have two grown adult children whom I love dearly. I also teach the Original US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, 1871 Bank of England Act, and the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. I am a strong advocate to stand up for the sovereign unalienable rights given to us by our Creator, whom I identify as Christ Jesus. There are many things going on in our government that violate our unalienable rights and our constitutional rights which is why I have taken a leap of faith to create change at the local ground grassroot level. I am excited to serve and ready to meet our community constituents, get to know them and find out what their values, views and concerns are so that we can work together with our district councilmen to create positive, transparent change that benefits our local community in the city of Hobart, Indiana.

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135 S Ash St Hobart Indiana 46342 United States