The Hobart Republican Party is currently seeking Precinct Committeemen

This is only for Hobart Indiana

Precinct Committeemen are appointed by the Hobart Republican Party Chairman.  A precinct Committeemen does not have to live in the same Precinct that they are appointed to represent.  Each Precinct Committeemen is allowed to assign a Precinct Captain of their choice to assist them in the duties and responsibilities.

What is a PCM (Precinct Committeemen)?

  • Republican Appointed Official
  • Fills Vacancies in the State Legislature
  • Able to vote in Hobart Republican Party

What Duties does a PCM Have?

  • To vote in Caucus in the event that a member cannot fulfill their duties or term.
  • They are the point person for their Precinct
  • They are the point person between the Councilmen and the Population

Why be a PCM?

  • Represent your values in the local and state Republican Party
  • One meeting a month with more opportunities to get engaged
  • Have a voice in decisions that impact the party and our state