Send in the Clowns

From the City Chairman Jim Granzow

The circus that is trying to bring down Trump just keeps rolling along. Now his ex-lawyer is wasting our money and time that could be spent on real issues by testifying on Capitol Hill. Nobody with an ounce of brains could possibly think this guy's believable. He's told so many lies, he can't remember them all. The dems have more investigations going on than a clown juggling balls. And clowns they are! Dems are so filled with hate, they actually believe in the mud being slung by Trump's enemies.They act like jilted girlfriends unable to accept the fact that they lost an election. They took voters for granted, and insulted our intelligence with campaign propaganda that was all smoke and mirrors.

From all the dust and clutter rose a leader than Republicans couldn't even have hoped for. A man that spoke straight and from the heart. A man that doesn't play by the old boy's club rules. A man that still believed in America and didn't apologize for it. A man that picked up the flag of conservatism and said "follow me." Much like Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan and others before, he r ode into the Washington swamp with guns blazing. No matter what liars, buffoons, and hate mongers they bring up, the real Americans see through it. After years of disappointment, we have a real leader that we can rally around, and by God we're not going to let them take him away!

Join the New Hobart Republican Party, and help us ride into a bright future. God bless Donald J. Trump, and God bless America.