The Pro-Trump Rally Examined

by: Mike Stulac
Vice Chairman

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
- Everybody Knows Leonard Cohen

The pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C. ended in a way that no one in the general public could foresee. Everyone has his or her take on who was involved in the Capitol incursion, what the point was, who really was involved. Nothing will come from an over evaluation, but there may be gain from deciding what to do from here onward.

Figure out how to stop the next election from being hijacked, or else further consideration is unnecessary. Figure how to close off the cheating now the method of operation has been studied. It’s not like there’s not a Project Veritas or such that has done the Good Work of investigating and evaluating the shenanigans. i Involve their analysis to learn where the cheating point is. Ok, they cheated, now what? Are we able to stop mail-in voting? Paper ballots to replace voting machines? If voter I.D. is so hard to enforce, dab a henna stamp on the voter that’ll last a month, in addition to the I.D. That should cover early voters and keep them from reappearing on Election Day proper.

What national institution is left that

  1. Has a tradition of vigorous political impartiality,
  2. Has the people available to do the job,
  3. Is well known for coordinating huge organized undertakings, and
  4. Is well regarded and respected by the American people?

I’d hate to take elections out of local hands, but this election proved that method is now compromised. The troops are already paid a salary, so their labor is a sunk cost.

Don’t cooperate with the impeachment.  Don’t yell and fuss, just a simple no. Sen. Rand Paul says that Chief Justice Roberts will not preside over an impeachment trial, as the Constitution only allows for an impeachment of THE President. ii A former President is just that, a private citizen who no longer holds the office. But we will know for sure on the 8th of February. Some see Section 3 of the 14th Amendment as a way to bar someone who participated in an insurrection from holding further office. But it does not say how such a determination is made. It was put in place to bar military officers and civilian office holders of the Confederacy from holding office or being military officers again in the USA, and never used again. And there is no extradition of a private citizen to the Senate for a trial, since the Senate has no authority to try a private citizen, unless they want to cross the river and admit that Trump is the duly elected President, and Biden is a usurper. Let them make that conclusion by impeaching Trump.

Any measuring stick they use to consider Trump for impeachment for insurrection should measure against a current sitting Representative, Ocasio-Cortez, for leading 200 angry Capitol trespassers to Speaker Pelosi’s office personally, of whom, 51 were arrested. iii If they want to bring up his speech, use the same measure for the speech of Rep. Maxine Waters to remove her also. There’s a whole compilation of her encouragement to intimidate and threaten Trump supporters. iv Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 handles expulsion from Congress. Be the porcupine. If they grab Trump, stick those political quills into the meat of their hands.

Apologize for nothing. If you weren’t illegally inside of the Capitol Building on the 6th of January, you have nothing for which you need to apologize. Even before the scope of the event was digested, there were Republican office holders all over the place raising a ruckus, condemning people left and right before anyone figured out what exactly happened, condemning all of the Trump supporters, and Trump himself, and begging people to not confuse them with those Republicans. Remember, no matter how much you apologize for something that you didn’t do, it garners you zero esteem with the opposition. Have Democrats enthusiastically condemned the Antifa BLM riots, or the takeover of a part of Portland, Oregon, which fits the definition of an insurrection to a tee? Actually, they’ve spoken well about them, and some of them, along with some celebrities, either bailed out or established funds to bail people arrested for violence out of jail. Remember, Trump spent 4 years condemning white supremacy, only to have the left and the press still say he’s a Nazi.

Accept that there are 2 sets of rules for fighting the system. The left can fight like thugs and get away with it, as we have seen from the 2020 riots. Same behavior on the right works against it. The video from  ( (on the right) from Bombard’s Body Language includes an interview with a man who gives great advice on how to try to avoid being manipulated into self destructive behavior for one’s self or the cause, by agents provocateur. v The pro-life movement has over decades learned to be nimble dodgers targeted by relentless opponents who try to draw them out of their frame. Look at the recent stock short disaster. Populist rage found a way to strike at the elites, and took $70B from Wall Street back to Main Street. vi Of course, it’s blamed on Trumpism. vii But Trump is out of office and far away, probably learning about the event as late as I did. But no one can use this deep monetary strike against the populists.

There you go, asymmetrical warfare. You’re the rebel, and you’ll be given no quarter.

Finally, Trump’s biggest foe remains MAGA’s biggest foe, the GOP opponent. Trump has brought a lot of working folk and mom & pop shop populists into the party, to the chagrin of money before people Chamber of Commerce corporation elites who slowly lag their ultra rich brothers Bezos, Gates, Soros, Zuckerburg, Dorsey, etc. in taking over the Democrat party. Never Trumpers have bedeviled the movement since 2016, and will for a while. GOP Rep. Kinzinger wants use January 6th to rid the party of MAGA, calling his movement Country First, to oppose what he wrongly calls Trump First, because there’s nothing so lazy as defining yourself by what you’re against vs. what you’re for. viii

Trump put his comfortable life on hold for 4 years, took bullying that would break many men, and did what he could to help the whole country, and made a better life for the worker, including the ultimate working stiff, the fighting man and woman, by pulling home troops and getting into no new wars. Kinzinger finds that a problem. MAGA needs to find MAGA candidates to run against the Establishment. They want you out, and won’t coexist. Trump did what one man could do, but no movement can win on a single person. Populism has been around since the family farm Granger movement of the 1800s, and will outlive all of us. If there is a chance to grab a party and form it to serve the interests of the regular Joe and Jane with a solid spine, and no communism or other rot to infect it as it did when populists went to the Democrat party, this is it.

January 6th doesn’t have to be a disaster. It exposed the totalitarianism of the left, so you can’t be accused of paranoia anymore, and that the rich are now the Democrat and no longer the Republican party. When the left has big business doing its bidding to try to crush people, and it’s now out in the open, there’s no rebel left in the left. They are the Establishment to defeat. Let Dems be Dems. The worse they get, the better to get people for your side. The fight is to take and hold the Republican party. Marjory Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobert are a start. Perhaps Laura Loomer can make another run.

I only made one prayer to God; a very short one.
O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.
And he granted it. - Voltaire

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