Jim Granzow

The state of America

by: Jim Granzow

I set out to write this article almost ten days ago.  The intention was to try and explain from a republican point of view some of the crazy things happening in our government.  I figured I had 6 to 8 maybe even 10 really crazy subjects to choose from.

But here's the problem, every single time I wrote something, the next day something happened even crazier that changed the story line.  Literally, each day they topped what they had done the day before.  Every day just as I thought the crazy Nimrods in Washington couldn't get any worse, they did!!  I thought sooner or later they will bottom out.  But the head buffoon Joe Biden and his minions have become an artisan well of screw ups with what seems to be an endless supply of foul ups.

You can follow it all the way back to the start of the country and never find another time so full of stupidity.  This administration is the gold standard of stupid, damaging, embarrassing political actions.  It's really an amazing accomplishment.  The law of averages would dictate that somewhere along the line they would have to get something right.  But just like a trick coin that keeps coming up tails, the Biden white house can't get one thing right.

As of this writing, it seems the walls are closing in on the Democrats.  The age of woke-ness is losing its shine.  People are starting to see through the lies and hypocrisy of the left.

For a while the thought of fixing a country that may have had a problem here or there sometimes, but actually is far, far from being broken, seemed like a good idea.  But now we can see our country isn't broke, it’s just that some of our thinking has been pulled astray.  We are the defenders of freedom and without America the tyrants and despots all over the world would unleash an evil that would enslave everyone who takes a breath.  Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, may land a lucky punch occasionally, but the spirit of freedom and justice given to us by our creator and insured by the blood of his son cannot be stopped.

We have a chance coming up in 2024 to get back on track.  A chance to get back up and dust off the craziness of the last four years.  Make no mistake, Trump will be back!!  He will bring with him some rational thinking leaders and we'll be better than before.  America learns from its mistakes.  Woke-ism and climate change will take its place in the dustbin of history.  We will be once again Ronald Reagan's shining city on a hill.

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