The Tires Are Going Flat

Jim Granzowby: Jim Granzow

Just like a bus riding on bald tires, the progressive Biden bus is blowing them out left and right.  Up until China dumped the flu on us things were pretty good.  Under the leadership of "The Donald" people felt pretty good about the direction of the country.  Bad guys around the world had been put in check and knew better than to screw with us, and the U.S. was respected again. Jobs were everywhere and unemployment was headed for the cellar.  Minorities were doing better than ever, and gas was $1.85 around here.  Before the flu hit us, we were headed over the rainbow.

But the China flu did hit.  And when it did America stepped up again and came up with a vaccine in truly record-breaking time.  It was horrible and China has yet to pay the price for what it unleashed on the world.  They have a term, "yen & yang" meaning what goes also comes.  They will get their comeuppance someday.

Then the unthinkable happened, the left stole the election and put the biggest loser they could find in charge. Everything flipped after that.  Everything good started going bad. "Joey" came into the office and the first thing he did was shut off the pipelines.  That was the start of the green nightmare.  And the term nightmare doesn't really do it justice.

Everything now is done in the name of green.  If you really want to get a real picture of the green movement, go to the web, and look up Micheal Moors video called "Planet of The Humans".  Yep, I said Micheal Moore !

The darling of the left really spills out the dirt on the green movement.  Never thought I'd say it but there it is.  It completely blows the lid off.  After that the left started going after our kids in schools in the name of Wokeism.  With CRT and the gender reassignment, it is just unbelievable what the schools are teaching to kids.  Don't listen to your parents, hate America, and hate yourself for that matter!  When the parents try to do something to correct the school situation they are called terrorists, and hauled away to jail.  But finally, there's some light at the end of the tunnel.  The right has control of Congress and is starting to expose the wrong that's being done to us.  And the insane lack of leadership being shown with the whole balloon episode is showing even the most liberal of the left that we are in trouble.  What else do people need to see besides Joe's lack of decisiveness with the balloons, and wiping his butt with classified documents, to not being able to speak a coherent conversations?  He's supposed to (according to what I heard on the news today) be taking a physical that will be released to the public around the 17th of February.  If it involves a cognitive test the bus will not only have four flat tires but be out of gas.

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