When did we get so weak?

The TV series on Paramount channel, "Yellowstone" has broken the record for the most watched TV series, and there’s a good reason.  The premise of the show is one with one foot in the present, and one in the past.  Modern day cowboys with old time values, and wild west solutions.

Both men and women see characters with values and actions that have a foundation built on family, loyalty, keeping your word, promises, and hard work without complaining.  Things that somehow are lacking in recent American society.  How did we get off that track and adopt the behavior of present day?

In Yellowstone, men got a look at how stand-up guys used to be in our past when men were men and women were glad of it.  When men put their family and wives and children above everything and would sacrifice themselves gladly to protect it.  When men actually worked hard without complaining.  When a man wanted to proudly travel his own path on his own without relying on anyone else.  When each man built his own empire.

Under the "progressive" style of government things have gotten so bad people are yearning for this old, solid foundational form of society, where people were real, were tuff and reliable, and yes strong and steadfast.

And women were endowed with the same grit.  They stood hand in hand with their man and had strength.  The strength not just to pull an equal load, but to step up and pull hard enough for both if the need arose.

When a man tapped into the love and support of his wife, his true blue wife, for the fuel to push on. Where a woman felt safe and protected.  The men and women of the past were strong as iron, and were what made this country.

Of course, there were problems, and people had some flaws. There were always, as there is now, outside forces trying to destroy us. But we had the backbone to endure and change when we saw it was needed. So, what has happened?  Why has our society become such a bunch of whiners, that want everyone else to do everything for us and just give it to us.

Well, sometime around 60 or so years ago, some of the influential people in the country began to wax philosophical and they started to say that just because we are here, that we "deserve" the best of everything.

That the idea that we have to toil and sacrifice for what we want, is antiquated and needs to change.  And they also started to question our idea about God.  God was being changed from being our father and benefactor to an oppressor. God became someone who wanted to ruin our fun. And fun became the goal of our life. Don't worry about your job...

If you want to go play golf or to a concert, then tell the job that it'll have to wait.  No matter what it was, if you wanted it, then screw it, and do whatever you want because "you deserve it".  The individual became the center of the universe.

Now people demand respect no matter what.  We're not supposed to question them because they may be of a certain color, faith, or origin.

They demand that we not only accept them, but we are required to change our belief and lives to facilitate their desires.  They demand that we think, act, and live a certain way that doesn't even make them feel uncomfortable. Forbid the thought that we may not like someone’s behavior.  They demand that we help them be that way even if it makes US uncomfortable !

And when people do fail due to their own faults, society picks them up and carries them along without any requirement to get better.  Instead we make excuses for them and spread the burden of their misconduct on those who are responsible and play by the rules and don't deserve to be hobbled because of the intentional failings of those who still, even after many attempts to help them, wont comply.

This was in a very large part because of the New Age Movement one of it's leaders, Anton LaVey, who wrote the satanic bible, and Timothy Leary had huge influences.  LaVey's mantra was "Do what thou wilt" which became "If it feels good, do it".  Do what thou wilt was actually inscribed into the vinyl of a Led Zeppelin album. Zeppelin along with the Beatles became music's biggest influences.  On the Beatles Sgt Peppers album, LeVey's picture is in the top left corner.  And Leary said there's no God, we're all just part of the cosmos. That we should "turn on and tune out".  The idea became to "love yourself".  Don't worry about all those silly things like God, Country, And mom's apple pie.  They said don't be a dope, just get what's good for you.

And once these ideas began to be espoused by TV personalities and the music industry, it became like a forest fire in a wind storm.  Shows like 'Laugh In' and "Playboy After Dark" made it cool to be bad.  The music industry said life's all about "Sex, drugs, and rock n roll".  According to these liberal thinkers, the things that promoted responsibility, monogamy, working class values, all became the ideas of chumps, unenlightened, and boring losers.

Health and fitness took a hit too. Along with our new lives came the need for more frivolous things and stuff to ease the burden of effort.

No more getting off the couch to change channels, just use your new remote.  Don't want to vacuum that floor?  Buy a Roomba.  Riding lawn mowers for everyone, Golf carts haul people around the course and fat carts haul us around the stores everything else is either done remotely or preprogramed.  Go to some gymnasiums, they don't allow you to grunt, lift over a certain amount, and they offer free pizza, and doughnuts, and even tootsie rolls on certain days (I'm not kidding).  The fit and toned physic of a man has become too hard for women to find so now women are saying they will settle for a "Dad Bod".  Guy's have an equally hard time and now have to settle for women who advertise themselves as "more junk in the trunk".  Kim Kardashian is considered hot even though her ass won't fit through the doorway. Childhood diabetes is soaring even though a few decades ago it was unheard of.  Kids don't get exercise anymore because they're busy playing video games or watching TV.

Politics has become so perverted that it's actually a pay-to-play scam.  There are some good ones who selflessly give of themselves, but the bad ones steal all the limelight.  Many are either brain dead or looking for the next payoff. The world of politics has reached critical mass.  Either we get involved and clean house or we get what we deserve.

If you get involved with your city level party you CAN make it change.

We just need enough of the real people that's left to get involved.  The city level is where real change is easiest to make.  Take down the local bad ones and the national bad guys have nobody to do their dirty work.

We are looking for people to join our group now so that when Donald J Trump is re-elected we can hit the ground running and help stamp out some of this foolishness.  If you want to make a difference, we'd like you to do it with us.

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