Where did the men go?

Jim Granzowby: Jim Granzow

It's a question I've been thinking for quite a few years now.  The macho, straight shooter, do the right thing no matter what type of guy has almost become as rare as hen’s teeth.  Now he's been replaced with some namby-pamby guy who is scared of his shadow, or some left of center that can't think for himself and doesn't have a rational opinion unless he reads it off the internet.  There's a few that fall into a gray area that have possibilities if they had a mentor.  But that's a slim chance because any of the real guys that are left won't put up with the smart mouth lazy attitudes that seem to permeate the culture nowadays.

So, what is the reason?  I think we can pick out three main reasons, although there may be some contributing factors to each.

  1. It's scientific fact that the testosterone levels have been dropping in men at a concerning rate for several generations. As someone who has been a personal trainer for over 30 years, I've noticed this in the gym.  It's been said that there's been a 5 to 7% drop for each generation over the last 70 years.  So that translates into a 21+% drop since the 1950's.
    1. Scientists have no solid reason. They think it has something to do with the way we have evolved into a crap eating society.  Processed and junk food has replaced the wholesome meals that mom used to fix.
    2. The other reason they suspect is the sedentary lifestyle we lead. We've become couch potatoes that don't get up for anything anymore.  We have a remote, or pre-program for everything.
    3. Heaven forbid we have to actually walk anywhere. If it requires more than a few minuets of effort or serious work we quickly loose interest.  And many think it the one-two punch of both.
  2. Culture, we have become totally controlled by our God with a glass eye. I'm talking about television.  We used to have hero's like Roy Rogers, and Superman, the Lone Ranger, Andy Griffith of Mayberry.
    1. We had role models that taught us to stand up for what's right, and fight for the American way. To rescue the little guy when he was being threatened by bad guys.
    2. To sacrifice anything for God, Family, and Country. If you talk like this now your laughed at as a fool.  Now it's cool to be bad.
    3. The shows on TV portray the father and husband as some clown who always screws up and has to be led by the superior wife or smart ass kids who always take advantage of his stupidity.
    4. Forget about responsibility! The guy can knock up women and leave them with kids and move on and it's looked at as normal.  Marriage ?? Are you kidding? Now leaving a women burdened with a family of bastard kids is looked at as a personal right.
    5. The guy who breaks all the rules, and kills people at every turn, and shows hatred for the world is looked at as cool.
  3. They don't want strong male role models.  It's much easier to control the weak.
    1. They don't want some guy that's interested in fighting for right.
    2. Or guy's that respect being able to stand up for themselves.
    3. They want you to be dependent on them for everything. That way if you get out of line they just take away the support and you snap right back in line because you've become accustomed to the life of dependence.
    4. There used to be a saying... Strong bodies build strong minds.  They don't want you to have either one.

In conclusion, if we don't do something pretty damn fast, and start creating some real men in this country who are capable of bravery and leadership, this country, even with the greatness of it's past, will wind up on the ash heap.  We are poised to have one last chance.  We are going, with God’s blessing, to have a new president who exhibits the traits of a real man.  He wants to take us back to a time of strong men, and women.  If there's enough grit left in us, we can return to a land of strong family, strong men, and be Ronald Reagan's "shining city on a hill" and light the way for the world.  Let's be men.


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